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When you stay at La Luna Inn, you save money. Enjoy our seasonal discounts and specials while they’re still available! Plan to spend your next family getaway with us and enjoy great savings with these special promotions. To save 15 percent, book the Summer in the Marina Special. here.

Summer in the Marina Special

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Summer in the Marina Special: What better time to explore the Marina and surrounding neighborhoods than Summer! Available from June 1 to August 31 based on availability. A minimum 2 night stay is required..

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Taxes not included. Basic 24 hour cancellation policy. Guarantee/Deposit and Change/Cancellation fees will depend on selected dates and room/rate combination.

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Website Only Special. Book direct and save on your stay!

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Basic 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Guarantee/Deposit and Change/Cancellation Fees will depend on selected dates and room/rate combination.

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